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Running a bed and breakfast is challenging.  Running one that is profitable is ridiculously challenging.  Not only must you be a great host, fabulous cook, meticulous cleaner, and interior design whiz, you have to be a smart business person with a good knowledge of marketing.  For most BnB’s, marketing is where great potential remains unrealized.  While many innkeepers are effectively managing their day-to-day operations, very few are filling enough rooms to be profitable.

That’s why we started Get Heads in Beds.  We love marketing and we have been successful in driving profitable revenue to BnB’s.  We’ve done it at all of our BnB’s and we’re now doing it for our client’s BnB’s.  It’s something we enjoy, and it’s been a difference maker for our clients.  They are finally realizing their potential.

Pay Zero Dollars Up FrontPay Only For Success

We know that most BnB’s can’t afford to pay an outside consultant for something which may be successful. And when they have paid for innovative services upfront, they have generally gotten burned.  That’s why we charge nothing upfront.  We only get compensated when our client experiences real growth.  We win when you win!

Anticipated Results

Obviously, we cannot guarantee specific results for any property.  Every property is different and every property is managed differently.  We do, however, believe that we can increase most client’s annual bed revenue $50,000 or more within two years.  In many cases we have exceeded $150,000 and in a few more than $400,000.  That’s real growth, not just a temporary blip on the radar!

Who Should Consider Us

1) Any existing BnB that is interested in substantially growing their revenue and profitability;

2) Any BnB that wants to sell their property as an ongoing entity;

3) Anyone interested in starting a new BnB that wants to increase their chances of success.

What Makes Us Different

No-one wants to pay an outside consultant indefinitely.  When that happens, it seems like the only winner is the consultant.  So, we make teaching our clients a priority.  We explain what we do and why we do it.  We train you to maintain your success.   That keeps your  profit in your pockets!

We also know that the best way to effectively market a BnB is to visit the property.  This enables us to learn as much as we can about the property and the area.  Getting firsthand knowledge allows us not only to experience your place like a guest but also to identify potential opportunities for additional growth.  For that reason, we make visiting our client a priority even before we get started.

Two Guarantees

We will not take on any client unless we are confident we can help you grow your business.  And perhaps more importantly, we will never bill a client unless they have achieved more than $10,000 of real growth.

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