About Us

About Us

Marketing BnB's is our passion!

Get Heads in Beds is a new service.  If you haven’t heard about us, that’s understandable.  But don’t let our brief history fool you.  We really know what we are doing.

Let’s start by sharing a little insight into our personal experience as innkeepers.  We have successfully run three BnB’s.  Our first property was in a small community 30 miles west of Milwaukee.  The market was by no means a destination, but it was an accessible location in a quaint town with a nice downtown.   We started this BnB from scratch and within 12 months we were one of the top rated BnB’s in Wisconsin and one of only a handful of BnB’s ever recognized as a BedandBreakfast.com Diamond Collection property within the first year of operation.  More importantly, we generated 2 1/2 times the bed revenue per room of the other BnB in town which had been open for decades.


"I was hesitant to hire an outside client but looking back I can say without hesitation this was the best business decision that I've ever made. Not only is the BnB profitable but I feel confident that I could sell it as an ongoing business."

Beth Kalata
Inn on Lake Wissota


Our second property was a much larger BnB and had operated as an inn for almost 23 years.  It was closer to being in a destination but still 11 miles west of the true destination, a market where 75% of its customers traveled less 60 miles to visit.  In its heyday this property had generated $150,000 of bed revenue per year.  Within twenty months, we had exceeded that figure by $85,000 and were using three fewer rooms to do it.

Our third BnB is a former Select Registry property that had been closed for five years.  It is in the middle of Wisconsin in a small city that is neither a major destination nor a huge business market.  Neither of us had ever toured this market prior to seeing the house.  In our first year, we doubled the bed revenue of the previous innkeepers and have achieved significant revenue growth ever since.


As I approach retirement, I realize that potential buyers are looking for Inns that can be profitable. To that end, I hired Randy to grow my business quickly and profitably. Nearly ten months later, I am on target to double my business and for the first time generate a healthy cash flow that will attract potential buyers.

Barbara Robinson
Astor House Bed and Breakfast

Shortly after opening our third BnB, we started Get Heads in Beds and have never looked back. Our first client was a BnB team about 90 minutes west of us.  They ran a fabulous property but were struggling to maximize the property’s potential.  Within one year we increased their revenue 50%. 

Since then we have taken on several new clients in the Midwest and a Select Registry property in New England.  All of them have experienced  significant revenue growth.  The two who have been with us the longest will complete the first year with over 100% revenue growth.  The others should see growth in the 30-40% range.

Prior to the Bed and Breakfast industry, Randy worked in consumer marketing and as a talent scout for the consumer marketing industry.  His clients have included General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsico, ConAgra, Unilever, Kraft, Kimberly-Clark and Nestle to name a few.  Randy has a passion for marketing and a love of small business. 

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