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Innkeeping is the best job we’ve ever had.  We would venture to say that we love it for many of the same reasons that others are drawn to it.  You get to meet and host interesting people.  You get to live in a beautiful home in a community of your choice.  You get to run your own business and work for yourself.  And you even get some amazing perks like being able to dine out and write off the meal as a business expense.  But innkeeping isn’t for everybody.  It’s a lot work.  You have to be comfortable with people living in your home.  You may have to manage outside people.  And you definitely need a diverse skillset to be successful.

As we reflect on our experience having run three bed and breakfasts and what we have heard from others who have operated their own, two of the biggest hurdles of innkeeping are figuring out what it takes to be successful and hoping that once you commit you love it as much as you anticipated.  For most of us, many of the skills come naturally, like cooking, hosting, cleaning, decorating, etc.  But other skills are more daunting, like budgeting, scheduling, website development, staffing, menu planning and marketing.  Irrespective of what you possess, you will need all of these and then some.

At Get Heads in Beds, we hope to make that transition more seemless and a lot less risky.  Through our internship program, you can learn all of the fundamentals of running a successful bed and breakfast and get actual hands-on experience before making the ultimate plunge.  We offer an intensive one year program where we work with you on a daily basis at one of our nearby properties and teach you everything you need to know.

For more information or to apply for our internship program, please send us an email or call us directly.

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