Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

Photography, website design, interior design ... pillars of BnB success

Open a Profitable BnB in year 1!

In addition to our core business as BnB consultants, we offer three ancillary services – professional photography, website design and interior design.  These services are not required as part of our consulting efforts but serve as complimentary to the work we do.

Photographic Services

“A picture says a thousand words.”  We have heard this expression a million times.  Nowhere is that truer than with a BnB.  Great photography can be the difference between a booking and a lost customer.

While there are a million photographers out there, there are a handful of professionals who specialize in BnB’s.  One of them is an exclusive partner who does amazing work.  As such, we can offer an incredible deal, a rate that is well below the rates you may have been quoted before.

Still looking for proof?  We invite you to peruse their work.  We know you will be impressed.

To learn more or get a quote, please contact us today.

Photographic hints for your website!

  • Great food photography helps sell rooms
  • Bathrooms photographs are a key differentiator in guest selection
  • Sell the total property experience – not just the guest rooms
  • Lifestyle photos can create an emotional connection with guests
  • Professionally balanced lighting captures the total beauty of a room

Website Design & SEO

A great website is fundamental to a high performing BnB.  By far, it is the most critical marketing tool at your disposal.  It not only lets potential guests know who you are and what you offer but it defines the experience your guests have while researching you.  A bad or frustrating website is often enough for a visitor to move on to the next option.  In addition, a website serves as the technical voice for how your business will be seen and evaluated by search engines across the globe.  A great website with rich, fresh, content can catapult your property to the top of a Google search.  A poor website can leave your business buried in cyberspace.

Our website partner is an expert in designing secure cutting-edge websites that work in the BnB industry.  They offer competitive pricing, excellent customer service and timely delivery.  They also know us which means that you don’t have to explain what you’re looking for and why that is important.  They already know what we need.

To learn more or get a quote, please contact us today.

Six website musts!

  • Websites need to be mobile ready
  • Responsive design allows websites to look good on all screen sizes
  • Effective use of keywords help boost your site’s google ranking
  • Break copy into smaller more user friendly segments
  • Keep your website photo-centric
  • Websites should be easy to navigate

Interior Design

Let’s state the obvious.  No single design style is right for every property.  Diversity is a big element of what makes the BnB industry so successful.  Guests look for unique, authentic, experiences and BnB’s need to reflect that.  Our personal history is a testament to that fact.  We have run three successful BnB’s and each one has had a completely different look and feel. One was high victorian, one was arts and crafts and one was truly a blend of multiple styles.  

What does matter?  Decorating must be done well and speak to the guest.  They are, after all, the buyer and they will determine whether they stay with you or stay somewhere else.

With each property we want to ensure four things happen:

1). That the decorating fits the home.  

2).  That the decorating is done well.

3).  That the decorating addresses the guest’s needs.

4).  That whatever needs to be done is done so affordably and practically.  Decorating for a BnB needs to be guest friendly and staff friendly.

To learn more about our design services or get a quote, please contact us today.

Design tips that sell!

  • Avoid room clutter
  • Bathrooms should offer lots of horizontal space for guest toiletries
  • Guests want a comfortable spot to relax beyond their bed
  • Lighter rooms tend to be visually more appealing in photographs 
  • Guests love rooms with a personal touch
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