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Our Customers

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We believe that Get Heads in Beds can effectively serve BnB’s in all three phases of the BnB lifecycle, the start-up phase, the established phase and the selling phase.  Why?  Because we have successfully worked with all three phases in the past driving revenue quickly and cost effectively to maximize our client’s return.  

Let’s explore each phase a little more closely.

The Start-Up BnB

Opening a bed and breakfast is one of the most exciting you’ll ever do!  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to put your personal stamp on a business and truly make something your own.  You get to be the “big boss” and start something totally from nothing.

But starting a business isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s really hard.  You have to make a lot of decisions where there are no clear-cut rights or wrongs.  These decisions run the gamut from decorating, to location,  menus, linens, policies, scheduling, staffing, financial, operational and ultimately marketing. The sheer volume of decisions is staggering.  

On top of that you need to understand your market because your market will dictate how your property is perceived in context with the alternatives around you.  What’s desirable in one market may not be desirable in another.  What’s necessary in one market may not be necessary in another. Understanding these factors is paramount to being successful.  And the quicker you do so, the better off you are.


We have been there ourselves.  In the last decade, we have opened three properties in three different markets.  Our experience will help you navigate the pitfalls and get you performing at optimum capacity within months of opening.  For a new start-up, the quicker you hit stride the more likely you are to keep your cash flow positive.

For more insight and to better understand how we can help your BnB start-up, please call us at 262-639-5500 today.

Seven Tips for New Innkeepers!

  • Expect to spend more than what you budget to open a BnB.
  • Make sure you have a dynamite website that is mobile compatible.
  • Learn everything you can about your local business and tourist market.
  • Decorate for your guests – they are choosing your rooms.
  • Innkeeper space is very important to your long-term satisfaction as an Innkeeper
  • Outsource the jobs you don’t like or don’t have the skills for.
  • Always start your business with an exit strategy.

The Established BnB

Running a successful BnB and running a profitable BnB are very different things.  You can have a magnificent property in  an amazing location with great reviews, hundreds of repeat guests and world-class breakfasts and struggle to make money.  It’s a story that repeats itself far too often in this industry.  The vast majority of our peers do not make money.  For most, running a BnB is a hobby and not a business.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can do what you love, maintain a balanced life and still make money.  You just need the tools to do it.

For most BnB’s, that difference-maker is marketing.  Identifying your customer, knowing what they want, knowing how to find them and knowing how to sell it to them in a meaningful and productive way is the secret to BnB success.  It’s the difference between working hard and working profitably.  

We’d like to leverage our marketing and business acumen to help you achieve your potential.  We’d like to help you grow your business and teach you how to maintain that success for years to come.  It’s something we’ve done for your peers and something we believe we can do for you.  Best of all, it won’t cost you anything unless we’re successful.

If you’re interested in learning more about us and how we can partner to maximize your success, please call us for a free consultation.  What do you have to lose?

Six Ways that Profitability Will Make You Happier!

  • You can use the extra revenue to outsource the jobs you don’t like or the ones you aren’t very good at.
  • Your business will be worth more.
  • Higher occupancy can lead to higher ADR.
  • The more guests you serve, the more referrals you’re likely to receive.
  • You will not only be more profitable but you will feel more successful.
  • Your banker will love you.

The BnB For Sale

Anyone who has ever run a BnB knows what a richly rewarding experience innkeeping can be.  We also understand the passion and commitment that goes into being a successful innkeeper.  So when the time comes to sell your inn, it can be a very emotional and challenging experience.  Of course, these feelings are exacerbated by the process of selling which can drag on for years and in many instances leave you selling your business as a home and not a BnB. What could be more frustrating?

But BnB’s can sell as a business.  They just have to make money.  When people buy a business, they want to know that their efforts will offer a fair return for their time, money and energy.  It’s a fair expectation, and that’s where Get Heads in Beds can help.  We can work with you to make your inn saleable.   We can increase your revenue and make you a viable business investment.  We already done that for one of our clients:  Within twelve months we will have doubled their business.  

If you’re interested in learning more about us and how we can help you make your inn saleable, please call us for a free consultation.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Six Critical Questions Every Buyer Asks!

  • What is the room occupancy in this market?
  • How is the overall market changing?
  • What is the property’s historical RevPar?
  • What is the current EBITDA?
  • What strategic opportunities does the property offer for profitable growth?
  • Who are my current and future consumers?
  • What does innkeeping look like in this property?
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